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What is scripting?

Scripting means different things to different people. In some cases, script can be as simple as one line command executing on your local computer system. But script can also be a complex set of commands following complex logic and automating operations between many different systems.

You can think of scripting as a “glue” helping you put together different parts of your IT systems and data. Through scripting, we are able to extract data from your IT systems, apply logic to it, and take actions on those systems.


What is enterprise scripting?

Enterprise scripting is scripting at the higher level. When scripting for the enterprise, issues such as code documentation, code reuse, error handling, logging and security have to be taken very seriously.

At the same time, because of this approach, scripting for the enterprise allows us to crate full‑blown applications allowing end‑to‑end automation of many very complex IT tasks. Because enterprise‑type organizations are large and have process‑driven business structure, scripting is ideally suited for implementation at large enterprises and offers the greatest benefit.

How does scripting relate to Microsoft Active Directory?

At a core of almost any enterprise organization is the Microsoft Active Directory (AD).

Together with other directory services (LDAP, FS, etc.), AD is the key to managing identification and authentication as well as your users, computers and group objects in your enterprise. AD is also your main hub for integration, on which your other systems rely for functioning efficiently while also ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability of your enterprise systems and data. Those systems often include:

  • Human resources management systems (HRMS)
  • IT service management systems (ISMS)
  • Databases
  • Messaging
  • IAM and IS applications and systems
  • and more.

AD — as well as other systems mentioned — are ideally suited to be managed via scripts and APIs, as many PowerShell modules and APIs have been developed for this purpose.


Why do you need scripting automation?


Improper management of AD objects (such as users, computers, groups) presents a great and often overlooked, security risk for your enterprise.

For example...

Your IAM product may be very good at disabling terminated employee user accounts in AD, but unable to address the need to change password or ownership of the privileged or service accounts (high‑level access accounts) to which the terminated user had access to.

InfoSec Automation is ideally suited to address this and other similar problems, in a very efficient and reliable way.


Traditional IAM solutions (MIM, OIAM, etc) while essential to any large enterprise, are inflexible and introduce gaps which are often left unattended. 

For example...

Getting notified of suspicious or abnormal activity on your systems is crucial to you enterprise availability and security. Traditional alerting tools are  inflexible and provide alerts for a single system only, with no consideration of other systems.

InfoSec Automation provides flexible automated alerting solutions triggered by events on one or more systems, based on logic that is fully customizable.


Traditional tools, while often very good at doing actions in bulk, also often leave the task of creating or disable a single account or group, to the individual user. Objects created in this way AD are very inconsistent and prone to errors.

For example...

One service desk analyst may choose to name the security group in one way, while another may name it in a very different way. An analyst may fail to set up one or more important attributes on the account.

InfoSec Automation can provide your team members with the custom PowerShell GUI tool that would enable your analysts to always perform an action or set of actions in a correct and consistent fashion.

How do we do it?

Our main goal is to keep you productive by helping you mange your AD objects in the most efficient and secure way possible.

Infosec Automation can help you:

  • Evaluate the current state of managing objects in AD

  • Identify potential problems (through custom reporting)

  • Provide one‑time cleanup

  • Set up custom scripts and scheduled tasks (through automation) to prevent the problems from occurring again


Hello from Bojan!

Welcome to InfoSec Automation! 

My name is Bojan Nisavic. My background is Electrical Engineering, and I have been in IT Business for almost 20 years, with 11 years in the area of Information Security and Identity & Access Management. I am also Certified Information Systems Security Professional ( CISSP ) and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer ( MCSE ). I am very passionate about scripting ( VBScript and PowerShell ) and automation.

Throughout my professional career, I had a good fortune of working for some of the top rated companies in Financial, Healthcare, Telecommunications and DoD industries, where I have learned to do the IT and IT Security "the right way". One thing that I had found common to all these great organizations was that in addition to having great people, they foster and promote the environment of innovation and automation through creativity. When you bring those things together they lead to continuous improvement and great performance.

I have created InfoSec Automation, to bring this knowledge and passion to other Enterprises. I do this by using scripting and other technologies to help medium to large enterprises with Reporting, Integration and Automation. I have a proven track record of crating simple and efficient solutions, which have been working for years. My solutions are unique in that they do not require your organization to purchase any new technology. Instead they allow for extracting maximum from the systems and data you already own.

I would welcome the opportunity to talk to you and explore the opportunities to help you and your team. Please contact me to schedule a consultation.

Thank you,
Bojan Nisavic, MCSE, CISSP

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